Saturday, May 17, 2008

Veepstakes Continues

MSNBC has breaks down an article in National Journal this weekend that lays out possible Obama VP's. Here they are:
-- The Dream Ticket: Hillary Clinton
-- The Targeted Pick: Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine
-- Reinforce the Message (regarding change): Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
-- Balancing the Ticket (with Washington experience): Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn
-- Out of the Box: GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel
My take: I think Clinton is still a real long shot, although the CW seems to coming around on the idea of a unity ticket the longer she stays in the race. Webb is too undisciplined; he can't play second fiddle to anyone and would have a hard time sticking to the campaign message (trust me on this, I covered Webb for a year and the reasons why he would be a poor VP choice are the reasons I like him). Sebelius is too boring and brings nothing. Biden has some of the same problems as Webb, though he is more experienced. But he too brings little electorally.

Strickland and Kaine would be beef up Obama's religious credentials. Kaine was also one of Obama's first backers, he introduced him at the Virginia JJ dinner what seems like years ago. And Nunn would bring experience.

What is most interesting about the MSNBC post is how many of the reader comments pick Hagel. Hagel! I have a hard time thinking Obama will pick Hagel, who is just simply not liked by his colleagues (or his staff for that matter). I see the symbolism, but I would be shocked.

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