Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sebelius for VP? Really?

As the perpetual veepstakes continues in the media, one name that keeps surfacing as Obama's VP is Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. The reasons why pundits are talking about are obvious: 1. She's a woman, so it would help Obama pick up that part of the Clinton coalition and 2. She could, conceivably, bring Kansas into Obama's column.

Here are the reasons Sebelius would be a poor choice: 1. Obama doesn't need to pander for the women's vote. If his campaign thinks women, in sum, are going to vote for McCain, they have bigger problems. 2. She only reinforces his "Change" message and doesn't add anything new as far as military/Foreign Policy credentials or economic expertise.

But the main reason why Obama shouldn't pick Sebelius is she is boring. And I mean really boring. Try sitting through this again, if you dare.

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poljunkie said...

Haters!! Governor Sebelius is a CLASS ACT. He wouldn't be picking her because of her gender, folks- the Governor has earned her stripes and she will not back down.
Definitely presidential material.