Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Killer Instinct

So here's where we stand: (1) Obama gives an interview in which he bends over backwards to underline his support for Israel but also calls the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a "constant sore" that damages U.S. Foreign Policy, (2) John Boehner's office puts out a statement accusing Obama of calling Israel itself a constant sore, (3) the guy who conducted the interview pretty much calls Boehner a liar (and more) and invites him to correct the record.

What this means is that the House Minority Leader has showed his throat to the Obama campaign. When everyone involved in an interview agrees that you have misrepresented it, the press has no choice but report that as a consensus view, and the Obama campaign will appear eminently justified when it demands a retraction and apology from Boehner himself. The press release might read: "As he said in the interview, Senator Obama is deeply committed to Israel's security and places the highest value on a continued strong relationship with Israel. Accordingly, Senator Obama feels it is crucially important that the Minority Leader correct the record and apologize for his destructive statements, which aim to put that relationship in jeopardy."

Of course, the Obama campaign is not known for its proclivity to go in for the kill. So we'll see . . .

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