Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Flip Flops of John McCain

Meticulously compiled here

Cliff's Notes:
# Rogue-state rollback (for it, then against it)
# Pledging not to raise taxes (did it, then took it back)
# Whether he considered joining Kerry's ticket in 2004 (affirmed on national television, then denied)
# Cigarette tax (championed, then opposed)
# Housing crisis remedy (warned against government intervention, then called for same)
# Balancing the budget (promised to, then said he wouldn't even try)
# Social Security privatization (made a proposal, then disowned it)
# Waterboarding ban(for it, then against it)
# Long-term presence in Iraq (against it, then for it)
# DREAM Act (cosponsored it, then opposed it)
# Immigration legislation (wrote it, then promised to vote against it)
# Lobbying transparency bill (sponsored it, then promised to vote against it)
# Difficulty of Iraq War (said it would be easy, now claims he knew otherwise)
# Criticism of Donald Rumsfeld (invented ex post facto)
# Repeal of Roe v. Wade (against it, then for it)
# Gay marriage (for it, then against it)
# Jerry Falwell (labelled "an agent of intolerance," then courted as a friend)
# Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy (against them, then for them)
# Criticizing Bush's tax cuts for bias toward the wealthy (did it, then denied doing it)
# Campaigning at Bob Jones University (opposed it, then did it)
# MLK holiday (against it, then for it)
# Ethanol (against it, then for it)
# the Confederate Flag (both for and against it)
# Henry Kissinger (explicitly shunned (2000), then appointed as national co-chair (2008))

. . . and there have been quite a few more since that post was written.

(h/t Jed)

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