Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's Up With That?

It's May 20th, all the campaigns are required by the FEC to make their April financing disclosures by midnight. As of 5:15p, none of them have.

Here are my theories:

- Obama has a good number and wanted to save it to help counteract the negative coverage of his expected loss in Kentucky (an entire media arc that's now been totally overshadowed by the news about Ted Kennedy).

- Clinton has a bad number and wanted to shield the voters of Kentucky from knowing and Oregon of exactly how long her odds have become.

- McCain I can't figure out. He might have a bad number that he's planning to drop quietly during the election results, hoping that the KY and OR news would drown it out. He might have a good number that he wants to kick off the general election fight against Obama with. It's hard to say.

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