Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's Over?

It appears that MSNBC thinks the battle for the Democratic nomination is over and, undoubtedly, the dominant story will be the pressure mounting on Clinton to exit the race.

Here are three quick reasons why I don't think this race will end in the next few days:

1. Clinton doesn't know how to stop. I think this is pretty straightforward, but Clinton will do anything to win.

2. Money is of no concern. One of the primary arguments for why Clinton will exit is her money will dry up. As her $109 million tax return indicated, money isn't an issue and she could loan her campaign millions more.

3. The Clintons think the party owes them the nomination. This is a more complicated idea than I can go into right now, but I think the Clintons believe that, at least with respects to the presidency, they saved the Democratic Party. It's a pride thing. Carter ended his tenure in the White House fairly disgraced and what followed were weak Democratic candidates (Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry). In fact, one could argue that this problem of flawed Democratic candidates extended before Carter, who was elected following Watergate. In 1972 McGovern got smoked. If it wasn't for Clinton would there have ever been another Democratic president?

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