Monday, May 19, 2008

If Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) was a Democrat

. . . think of all the fun Matt Drudge and Chris Matthews would have with this Washington Post Story about his wife's hair care product, Blo & Go:

[. . .] In 2004, [Mrs. Laurie] Coleman was pictured in this newspaper wearing a corset and garter -- and posing poutily in front of a four-poster bed -- all in the name of promoting her acting career. Coleman no longer is acting, she says, but "if something fun would come up, I'd pursue it."

Against the backdrop of this kind of marketing savvy, it is hard to believe that the name Blo & Go was not chosen to, at the very least, amuse. This, after all, is a world in which the term "wide stance" churns up easy chuckles.

Coleman's voice registers shock -- and dismay-- that anyone would make such a connection. "I didn't think of that," she says. And then she goes further to point out that the name wasn't even her idea. It came out of a committee. It was all in the brainstorming, during which "Freedom Styler" was rejected. And so it went: You get your hair blown out. You need a blowout. You get blown . . . out. And then you go. Bingo: "Blo & Go!"

The photo of Mrs. Coleman (this is a family blog).

Unfortunately, Norm Coleman is not a Democrat, so it's not a story.

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