Monday, May 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Campaign is Trying to Make Your Head Explode

1. So you thought Hillary Clinton invoked Robert F. Kennedy's tragic death to justify staying in the race and ought to apologize for it?

No. Noooooo. Gentle reader, why should she apologize? It is you who are wrong. She was merely teaching history: These campaigns last a long time, you see, sometimes even into June. Bobby died in June, so it's like a mnemonic device. RFK was killed in June . . . dropping out in May is far too soon!

Anyone who thinks otherwise is a villain or just out of touch with Hillary's deep affection for Senator Obama.

2. So you thought the election in Michigan wasn't going to count at all?

No. Nooooo. It should count double! According to Lanny Davis, Hillary shouldn't just get all the delegates she would have won if Michigan had held a sanctioned contest with precisely the same result; she should get half the Uncommitted delegates too. She'll end up with about 100 delegates and Obama will receive around 30. Justice!

All snark aside, this is worth making clear: If Lanny Davis had offered the pale imitation of legal reasoning that appears in his Politico column to an actual court in this country, he would probably be disbarred.

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