Friday, May 9, 2008

Fiorina for VP?

This WSJ piece is making its way around the blogosphere asking whether former Hewlett Packard chief exec and current McCain domestic policy advisor Carly Fiorina could be a possible VP candidate for McCain. Here are the key grafs:

There’s been a low-level buzz among conservatives in Washington about Fiorina’s prospects for a couple of weeks, apparently spurred by a private lunch Donatelli attended with antitax advocate Grover Norquist. At the lunch, [RNC Deputy Chairman Frank] Donatelli talked up Fiorina’s conservative positions against abortion and gun control, say people with knowledge of the meeting.

Donatelli confirmed the lunch conversation but acknowledged, “She would not be a traditional pick.” There could be pressure on McCain however to chose a woman or a minority running mate, given the Democratic field.

My take: Fiorina's got too many negatives following her ouster from HP. However, could McCain target women against Obama? Fiorina would certainly help him there.

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